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Wake Forest Family Photographer | The Ross Family

Ahhh, I get so excited every time I meet with a potential client. I always like to take the time to meet in person and learn about their family, their vision for their session, what they love and wish to have captured. I love to watch them talking about their family, their kids, hobbies and their life together.

As they tell me all about them, I always ask what brings them joy when they look at a family portrait. Everyone has a different perspective. For some they are seeking perfect smiles, for others its the connection. It's the little moments that become big moments in a couple of years, like how your child looks at you, or how they make faces when they are shy or mad.

Taking the time to have the consultations with my clients helps them be more prepare for their session. They become more comfortable with me and in turn it helps me to capture their true essence as a family.

This sweet family is a perfect example of that. I was so excited for their session from the first time I met them. I loved how they talked about their little family, and sweet Liam. I couldn't love their images more. In our first meeting I learned that Willl owns a digital agency called Linchpin SEO, and Nicole is a nurse at UNC Rex Hospital in Raleigh. They are both transplants to Wake Forest and moved here around the same time I did (yay). I told them in our first meeting that I tend to turn clients into friends and it came true. We are close friends to this day. This job has brought a lot of amazing people into my life and I will forever be thankful.




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