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How to Interview a Potential Photographer

When considering which photographer to trust with your story (and your money), here are a few important questions to ask:

  • Can I see some of your work?

  • Pay attention to how their photos make you feel – are you transported? Is this the feeling you want when you look at your finished photos? What about location and background - is your eye drawn right to the subject(s) or do they get lost in the background?

  • What’s your favorite kind of photography? Which do you photograph most?

  • Don’t be pulled in if they say they do it all…everyone has their favorite – find out their passion and their usual practice.

  • What’s your photography style? Casual, traditional, modern, etc.?

  • Are you looking for a photographer that uses a lot of contrast? Do you want bright and airy or sharper and more editorial? Or perhaps you like a muted or faded effect? Make sure your vision lines up with theirs.

  • How experienced are you with lighting?

  • Photographers need more than a nice camera and lighting is one of the most important parts of great photography. Can they talk to you about the color temperature of a room and light metering? You don’t have to understand their answer, but make sure they do.

  • What rights do you and I have with the photos taken?

  • You’re looking for a personal use release that permits reprints of images and inclusion in family photo albums, etc.

  • What’s your turn around time for finished photos?

  • When can I expect to see the finished project? Will they release preliminary images to you or do you have to wait for the edits?

Last bit of advice - a subject most don’t like to talk about - don’t be afraid to walk away. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit. If you’re not 100% comfortable for any reason, thank them for taking time to speak with you, let them know you’ve decided to work with another photographer at the time, and then keep looking. In the end, when you have your priceless photographs in hand, all your effort will be worth it. Want to interview me? I’d be honored to talk to you about my services and learn more about your needs.

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